Early Childhood Development

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Early Childhood Education gives students the exciting opportunity to work directly with young children in a laboratory preschool environment. Students are challenged to communicate, solve problems and acquire knowledge that is authentic to the current workplace and professional field. Instruction is offered through hands-on experience, role modeling, reading and research, lecture and demonstration. Students work as a cooperative team to complete classroom projects that enable them to learn how to work responsibly and professionally in an early childhood environment. VIDEO


Students read, write, and think creatively and critically on a daily basis. Assignments include reading, synthesizing and applying information gained from texts, literature, journals and internet sources, conducting research and communicating findings in both written and oral formats, and using appropriate computational concepts to solve problems. Theory class involves regular use of computers by all students to research, word process and present (i.e. power point) school work. Students also utilize video, digital cameras and audio equipment to document activities in the preschool. A computer with age appropriate software and internet access is used to support technical learning experiences of young children. Junior and senior students have opportunities to gain experience while enrolled in teaching practicums at area professional early childhood and elementary programs. CCT Preschool is in the process of obtaining national certification from the National Association of Young Children. Graduates are prepared to obtain Office of Childcare Services preschool teacher certification.

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