Technical Areas

Technical Programs
Cape Cod Tech has 18 technical programs. During the two week shop cycle, students are under the close supervision of competent technical instructors who stress safety as "job one" and learning by doing. The shop atmosphere replicates the "real world" environment which the successful graduate will experience "on the job".

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Tech Prep
Students receive college credit at Cape Cod Community College in approved courses. Tech Prep is a challenging two-year program of study linking the junior and senior years of high school with two years of postsecondary education. Tech Prep programs combine academic learning with the mastery of technical skills to produce "high performance" graduates with an Associates Degree.Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education
Employment in the field can be an exceptional experience for a student preparing for a career. Cape Tech offers a program of cooperative education to qualified juniors and seniors. These students spend their two week shop cycles "on the job" as trainees with cooperating employers in the various trades.

To be eligible a student must have a grade of "B" or better in shop and shop theory, and “C” or better in all academic subjects undertaken, no credit deficiencies, a good attendance record and good citizenship/behavior in school.

Non-Traditional Shop Choices
We strongly encourage students to consider shop choices that are non-traditional for their gender, such as males in Health Technologies and Dental Assisting, or females in HVAC or Automotive Technology. As 9th graders students have the opportunity to spend time in every shop as part of our exploratory program.

Post Graduate Program (for adults)
During the day CapeTech offer adults training opportunities in all of our technical programs, based on the number of available seats. Adults attend during the school day with the high school students. All programs start in September each year. Applicants are encouraged to submit paperwork as soon as they can, as all are placed on the waitlist using the date the application is received in the school services office. Night classes in a variety of areas are also available through the Adult Education office.

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