Metal Fabrication & Welding

Dave Grennell
Shawn Enos
Ext 218

The Metal Fabrication and Welding program provides student with skills in oxy-acetylene cutting and welding, shielded metal arc welding (stick), gas metal arc welding (mig), gas tungsten arc welding (tig), and plasma cutting. Students gain real world experience by performing repair work and fabrication of metal products to support the needs at Cape Cod Tech and the community.


The curriculum has clearly defined skill standards and expectations for effective performance. Repetition of performance skills is a constant part of the daily routine and basic instructional methodology. The program seeks to meet the many needs of our students by stressing creativity, self motivation, and pride in workmanship within a structured curriculum. The program maintains strong relationships with industry and secondary education to stay current with trends in technology and the industry. Responsible and safe behavior is stressed at all times. Academic skills are strengthened as students gain math and measurement skills, an understanding of how science applies to the trade (particular involving gases) and sharpened writing, note-taking, and research skills. Students conduct research on the Internet and get exposure to the latest technology in electronic welding machines that synthesize electricity. Students are trained in strategies to complete test plates meeting American Welding Society standards.

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