• Academic Support:

    Eligibility for an academic support class is determined through the IEP or 504 process

    Academic Support - grades 9 and 10, the goal of AS is to utilize group and individualized instruction to provide the student the necessary skills to become a learner capable of completing challenging curriculum with increased independence. Emphasis will be on literacy / study skills and supported skills acquisition for a successful MCAS.  Goal is greater academic independence by the end of 10th grade.

    ·       Each special needs teacher will need to review Rank Book grades for each AS student with the student and include the data in the student’s folder on a weekly basis -

    ·       Each general education should communicate weekly (or more frequently for students with grades of D+ or lower) owed work, poor quality work, low quizzes /tests etc. General education teachers will need to supply supplemental content work for the AS teacher.

    MCAS Academic Support -  Grade 11 and 12.  Only for students who have failed one or more sections of MCAS. Goal is to boost the weak content area skill sets the prevented the student from successfully passing MCAS.   Detailed analysis of MCAS scores and problem areas will be done and shared with the teacher of the class. 

    Social Learning Academic Support – Grades 9, 10, 11, 12. Course is often co- taught with special education teacher and school adjustment counselor / or guidance counselor. Life skills, social emotional support/learning and school problem solving are all part of the course.

    ·       Placement in class by IEP/504 referral process for students with emotional, behavioral issues


    Transition to high school Academic Support (grades 9 and 10) - These students have significant IEPs, generally have had additional support (1:1 aides in middle school) and benefit/require explicit instruction to gain greater independence as a high school learner.

    Transition skills Academic Support (grades 11 and 12)- These students have significant IEPs, generally have had additional support needs, and will have significant post high school transition plans.