• The School Counseling Department supports Cape Cod Regional Technical High Schools mission by empowering all students to succeed in a changing world, through a comprehensive school counseling program that addresses their academic, technical, workplace readiness and personal/social needs.
    All school counseling programs use the Massachusetts School Counselors association model for curriculum development.
    Each grade has targeted objectives for delivering curriculum:
    9th Grade: Exploratory, Career Portfolio Development, Break Free from depression curriculum:
    Break Free From Depression Curriculum was developed at Children’s Hospital, Boston. It is a comprehensive program delivered out of the Health classes freshman year. 
    For more information, please visit Childrens Hospital Break Free From Depression  
    10th Grade: Study skills, Career Portfolio Development
    11th Grade: Career and College search, Co-op procedures, Portfolio Development,
    12th Grade: Career and College completion of Portfolio, Scholarship Application process, Financial Aid process.

    We also hold a Parent Night for each grade to fully communicate and further support our programs with students. Please see the parent newsletter for more information on dates and times.