• Special Education

    Students who are identified as having specific learning issues may be scheduled for smaller classes taught by teaching/learning specialists. These courses may include English, Mathematics, Science or Social Studies. The decision to include students in one or more of these classes is made during their individual team meeting. The content of each course parallels the mainstream curricula, aligns with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for each subject and prepares the students to demonstrate their individual academic proficiency on the MCAS. Additionally, students’ individual abilities and learning styles are the primary considerations in the delivery and method of instruction. Opportunities for small group differentiated instruction and cooperative learning creates an environment that maximizes student learning. Some Special Education students are scheduled for a tutorial. This graded class is designed to provide additional instruction, guided practice, review and supplemental course work to support student success. However, students scheduled for a tutorial are still responsible for recognizing their need for extra help or to stay after school with their individual subject teachers.


    Please note that students who have a disability that may be affecting their education have a right to receive a free appropriate public education. This could include special education services. All public schools are required to consider evaluating students who are suspected of having such a disability if the disability is not already known. If you are aware of such a student, please contact the Director of Special Education in the student’s local school. For students attending Cape Cod Regional Tech in Harwich, please contact Kate Clemens, Director Student Services at 508-432-4500 x236.