In the Cosmetology Program, students pursue the art and science of beauty care. Students develop the ability to create and design using hair, skin and nails as their creative medium. This includes the styling, shaping, and coloring of hair, the use of skin care products and makeup and the care of nails. There is in-depth instruction in personal and professional health, decontamination and infection control, properties of the hair and all aspects of caring for hair, including: cutting, coloring, and perming. Instruction takes place in a fully functioning beauty and hair salon serving the public. While students are perfecting technical and academic skills they also work on social skills related to customer service. These skills include: customer relations, consultations, teamwork, listening skills, acceptance of responsibility (dealing with chemicals), and the desire to continue learning in an industry that is constantly changing. Students that accumulate 1000 hours after the age of 16 are eligible to take the state licensing exam and become a licensed cosmetologist.

    The Salon at Cape Cod Tech is a full-service salon open to the public. All services are performed by students in training. All students are supervised by licensed professionals. To ensure availability, please make appointments in advance for salon services. We are open Tuesday through Friday. Hours vary.
    To make an appointment email or call 508-432-4500 ext 225.



    • 2016 National Median Wage
      $24,300/yr, $11.68/hr
    • 2016 State Mean Wage
      $35,020/yr, $16.48/hr
    • *Does not include gratuity

    • Hair styling
      & shampooing techniques
    • Hair coloring & cutting
    • Permanent waving
    • Sanitation procedures
    • Manicuring
    • Facials and basic makeup
    • Salon business management

    • OPI
    • OSHA 10-hour card
    • Commonwealth of MA Division
      of Professional Licensure
      (Licensed Registred operator)



    • Hairdress/salan stylist
    • Hair color specialist
    • Barber
    • Skin care specialist/esthetician
    • Nail technician/manicurist
    • Beauty consultant



    • Salan manager/owner
    • Makeup artist
    • Hairstylist (tv, movies, theater)
    • Research technician
    • Retail specialist


    • Cosmetic buyer
    • Manufacturer's rep
    • Cosmetic chemist
    • Beauty editor
    • Styles director/artistic director

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  • Faculty:
     Tracy McEnroe
    Cosmetology Instructor  ext. 225
     Melissa Jones
    Cosmetology Instructor  ext. 225