Information Technologies

  • The Information Technologies program focuses on the whole student.  Through promoting teamwork, cooperation and customer service as well as providing homework help in all academic areas, we strive to make sure our students are ready to face what's next after high school.  Whether it is on to a 2 year or 4 year college, or starting their own business right away, we make sure they have the tools needed for success.  The technical skills we teach focus on all things related to information technology infrastructure.  From cell phones to servers and all the stuff in between that connects them, we give them the training needed to plan, install and maintain it all.

    Cape Tech IT Students participate in STEM week 2018 opening at Barnstable High School:

    STEM Week 2018



    • 2016 Mean State Wage
      $94,430/year, $45.40/hr
    • Computer Scientist
      2017 Mean National Wage
      $116,320/year, $55.20/hr
    • Cyber Security
      2017 Mean National Wage
      $96,040/year, $46.17/hr
    • Computer System Design
      2017 Median National Wage
      $91,620/year, $44.05/hr
    • Game/Software Coding
      2017 Median National Wage
      $104,300/year, $50.14/hr
    • Website Developer
      2017 Median National Wage
      $72,150/year, $34.69/hr
    • Network Manager
      2017 Median National Wage
      $84,500/year, $40.63/hr


    • Team work
    • Customer service
    • Computer installation repair and troubleshooting
    • Computer operating systems, Windows, Mac and Linux
    • Network installation, configuration and management
    • Microsoft Server Infrastructure
    • Project management
    • Coding through MS powershell scripting, linux shell scripting and python


    • Support Technician
    • Web Programmer
    • Network Technician
    • Cable TV Installer


    • Help Desk
    • Field Technician
    • Network Analyst
    • Programmer
    • Systems Integrator


    • Network Engineer
    • Server Administrator
    • Programmer
    • Data Scientist
    • Project Manager
  • Faculty:

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     Marc Rocque   
     Information Technologies Instructor  ext. 248
     Mark Ameres  
     Information Technologies Instructor  ext. 311