• Graduation and Promotion Policy


    In order to graduate, students must currently complete the required  credits by passing school courses, or approved makeup in all courses, along with Senior Project and ELA, Math and Science  MCAS (or other state mandated high school diploma assessment exam), in order to graduate.


    Required Course Credits  include:

    • Six Credits in English
    • Six Credits in Math (Including Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry)
    • Four Credits in Science, Technology and Engineering(Including two credits in life science and physical science courses)
    • Three Credits in Social Studies (Including US History I and US History II)
    • Twenty Credits in Shop if enrolled at CCT for four years, sixteen credits in shop if enrolled at CCT for three years, twelve credits in shop if enrolled at CCT for two years
    • Three credits in Technical Theory if enrolled in Auto Collision, Auto Tech, Carpentry, Culinary Arts, Early Childhood Education, Electrical, Graphic Arts, Health Technologies, Horticulture, HVAC, Information Technologies, Marine Services, Plumbing, and Engineering
    • Two credits in Technical Theory if enrolled in Cosmetology or Dental Assisting
    • Two Credits in Physical Education (This may be less due to shop pullout.)
    • Four Credits in Electives (Physical Education on the academic schedule may be considered an elective)
    • One Credit in Senior Project

    In special situations, graduation requirements  may be waived pursuant to approval by the Principal, Superintendent of Schools and School Committee if the benefits appear to  be great enough to warrant it.



    As per our promotion policy, any student with more than two academic credit deficiencies will not be promoted. Students failing more than two credits must complete approved makeup and reduce these credit deficiencies to less than two credits in order to be promoted

    • Any student failing shop ( 4 or 6 credits) for the year will also not be promoted.
    • Should a student fail afail a total of two or more  credits (including shop theory), he/she must attend summer school.
    • Students and parents must contact Cape Cod Tech or their local high school for summer school options.
    • All students* who do not qualify for promotion along with those who have specifically failed shop will be offered an opportunity to shadow in those shops where a seat is available. Students will be allowed to shadow for a minimum of two days and a maximum of ten days, if needed, in order to receive a recommendation for placement in a new shop. If there is no shop in which the student is interested or they are not accepted into a new shop, they will be encouraged and assisted in returning to their sending high school.


    *Please note: There may not be a seat in the student’s current shop.