• We would like to invite you and your student to The Cape Cod Regional Technical High School’s Open House on Thursday, March 1st at 6 pm. This evening will include a guided tour of technical areas and academic classrooms, as well as an opportunity for you to meet with students, alumni,  parents, teachers, and administrators.  Students and parents who have attended this evening in the past stated that it gave them a new perspective of our school and all the opportunities a technical education provides.

    Cape Cod Regional Technical High School students receive an education utilizing 21st Century instructional methods for 21st Century careers. No longer are the days of pencil and paper good enough for your student’s high school education. Your student needs to experience project based learning by cooperating with a team of students to generate an end product.  This is the basis for learning in today’s technical studies programming. Cape Cod Tech Alumni have utilized this knowledge to gain acceptance at the many colleges and universities, as well as at many of the well-established businesses throughout Cape Cod, the Commonwealth and the nation.

    We hope to see you and your student at  Cape Cod Regional Technical High School’s Open House  on Thursday, March 1st  at 6 pm.  If you or your student would like to find out more about the rewarding experience at Cape Cod Regional Technical High School you may contact us at (508) 432-4500 ext. 237.