• Our full academic program follows the Massachusetts State Curriculum Framework. Students are prepared for the Grade 10 MCAS ELA Reading Comprehension, Math and Science tests. Our academic classes also prepare students for continuing their education or starting a career. Academic subjects include:


    Students in grades 9 and 10 work to improve analysis of literature and technical text, refine and expand writing skills, increase vocabulary, identify elements of fiction and improve skills in grammar, usage and mechanics. Grade 11 and 12 students read a variety of world literature for analysis and continue to hone their writing skills with an emphasis on literary analysis, research papers, technical writing and essays. College prep, honors and AP level courses are available for students continuing their education.

    Social Studies
    Our Social Studies curriculum gives students the opportunity to develop a geographical understanding of the world and to respect and value a diversity of cultures. Students also learn what power is, how it is legitimized through governance and what their roles and responsibilities are as members of society. They also develop discussion and presentation skills and the ability to conduct research. Department instructors also assist students to prepare for their Senior Project presentations.

    Freshmen and sophomore complete a course in either Biology or Physics, Tech and Engineering to prepare for the Grade 10 Science MCAS.  Juniors and seniors will complete two additional Lab Science classes in Chemistry, Physics or other elective Sciences such as Introduction to Engineering Design or Principles of Engineering.

    We recognize the integral role of technology in all careers and strive to provide students with 21st century skills. All students are taught to work with the newest software. Students then build on these basic skills through hands-on use of MS Office and Google Doc programs in addition to learning basic web designing skills. 

    Our Spanish language program seeks to broaden student knowledge of culture through the study of Spanish grammar, linguistics and geography. Through this four-year progressive curriculum, students actively participate in learning through class discussions, grammar practice and projects. 



    Students learn math skills that are needed to succeed in high school, the workforce and higher education. Courses offered include Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus and Calculus AP. Grade 9 and 10 students are prepared for the grade 10 MCAS Math test, with extra support for students who need help to reach proficiency in math. Students solve problems related to their technical training, use technology to solve problems and utilize hands-on labs to understand and master new concepts and skills. We also seek to connect this learning to our students’ everyday experiences so that they gain the problem solving skills needed to advance their education and careers. 

    Wellness and Physical Education

    We combine classroom wellness instruction with active physical education to provide a well-rounded program for our students.  We encourage students to develop a healthy and active lifestyle with instruction of team sports, personal fitness, weight training and conditioning.