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How do students pick up their personal items?

Dear Students,
You may now make short appointments to come get your things. This requires two steps:
1) Fill out the online form that has already been sent several times. You have probably already done this. If you haven’t, here it is.
2) Book a time to come in. You can grab a time slot by clicking here. If the time slot you want is not available, we can still probably accommodate you. Email your desired date and time to These appointments assume you can come collect your things on foot and carry them out of the building with a trip or two. Heavy equipment, vehicles, etc, should be arranged through an instructor or administrator.
3) Come to the school ten minutes before your appointment and stop at the white tent in the parking lot to have your temperature taken along with anyone you bring to assist you. If your temperature is normal, proceed. If you have a fever, go home and contact us. We will make appropriate arrangements. Plan to come into the building alone. If you need someone to help you, like a family member, bring them, but only if it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise ask them to wait in the car.
4) Come to the East End Entrance at the appointed time and wait outside for a staff member to escort you. You must wear face covering and maintain a distance of 6 feet from others. If there is a line, abide by the ground markings to ensure proper distancing.