Cape Cod Regional Technical High School
The Community School

English Department

Students in grades 9 and 10 work to improve analysis of literature and informational text, refine and expand argument, informative/explanatory, and research writing skills, increase vocabulary, identify elements of fiction and improve skills in grammar, usage and mechanics.  Grade 11 and 12 students read a variety of American and world literature for analysis and continue to hone their writing skills with an emphasis on literary analysis, argument writing, research papers, technical writing, and essays.  College prep and two AP level courses are available.

Honors:  Honors English classes maintain a higher level of rigor and expectation.  Students will be expected to produce academic writing frequently and critically read challenging texts from various genres.  Students will be expected to consistently be reading rigorous texts and will read at an accelerated rate as they learn literary analysis and writing skills.

CP 1 Expectations:  Students in CP 1 classes read and analyze a variety of literature and informational texts and will communicate this analysis in their writing in order to prepare students for all CCT coursework, college/post-secondary work, and career.

English CP3 Expectations: This course of study supports students with learning disabilities to develop competence in reading and writing. In this class, students follow the general education English curriculum with instruction and assignments delivered at a more individualized pace. These smaller classes provide more step-by-step instruction and development of concrete and analytical reading skills while maintaining high expectations. The program integrates study of literature with vocabulary, writing, speaking and listening skills in practical, personal, and academic realms. Composition assignments are developed from literature, poetry, nonfiction, and independent research.


Language & Literature - Grade 9
Literature & analysis - Grade 10
Language & Composition - Grade 11
Advanced Placement Language & Composition - Grade 11
Literature - Grade 12
Advanced Placement Literature - Grade 12
Newspaper elective