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Math Department

Our Math Department strives to support all students as they develop the skills that are needed to succeed in high school, the workforce and higher education. Our complex and rapidly changing world requires all students to master higher levels of mathematics skills, including those that allow our students to solve complex problems. The Math curriculum is guided by the Massachusetts Mathematics Curriculum Frameworks. The learning standards within that Framework are the basis of the Grade 10 MCAS, which all students must pass in order to be eligible for graduation. Our goal is to move all students toward proficiency in their math skills. To achieve this, the Math Program is rigorous and includes extra support for students who will need help to reach proficiency in Math. All students in Grades 9 and 10 attend Math class during both the academic and technical shop cycles, providing them with 180 hours of Math instruction each year. Our instructors are committed to using contextual and applied learning strategies as a way of expanding the mathematics skills of our students. Students solve problems related to their technical training, use technology to solve problems and utilize hands on labs to understand and master new concepts and skills. Our efforts to connect this learning to the everyday experiences and career aspirations of our students will enhance sustained learning and problem solving skills which all students need to advance in their education and careers.


11th grade
12th grade