Cape Cod Regional Technical High School
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Science Department

The Science Department curriculum is based on the Massachusetts Science Curriculum Frameworks. Our department is committed to providing our students with the tools and concepts necessary to pass the Grade 10 Biology MCAS. We have selected key topics to stress within the instructional time for Science. We strive to move our students to internalize high standards, while providing support and encouragement to make their success a reality. It is our goal that our students will appreciate the complexity of our natural world by improving their observation, thinking and writing skills. We try to deliver concrete hands on experiences which will enhance student understanding. English Math and Senior Project standards are reinforced with the inclusion of mini-research projects. The Science Department addresses scientific thinking and concepts in the Science domains of: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physical Science and Physics in order to promote science literacy among our students. A scientifically literate society of workers is our best hope.


Biology I - Grade 9
Biology II - Grade 10
Chemistry I - Grade 11 or 12
Chemistry II - Grade 12
Environmental Science - Grade 12
Physics - Grade 10, 11, or 12
Physical science - Grade 11