Cape Cod Regional Technical High School
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Social Studies Department

The main purpose of the Social Studies Program is to have students learn how to become effective citizens, who are active and responsible participants of their communities, and who are committed to the fundamental values of principles of democracy. The Social Studies Program aims to meet the ongoing needs of students in a highly complex and rapidly changing society, and to provide them with life skills and competencies needed to survive in the adult world. The Massachusetts Social Studies Frameworks and Senior Project Guidelines provide the basis for the department curriculum.

To that End, students will:

  • Develop a sense of chronology and complex thinking and writing to identify and describe patterns of events.
  • Develop a geographical understanding of the world and cultures of people around the world.
  • Gain insight into what power is, how it is legitimized through governance, and what their roles and responsibilities are as members of society.
  • Learn to respect and value a diversity of cultures and to recognize a rich diversity of expression.
  • Learn that as members of the global community, it is important to care about what happens in other places.
  • Develop discussion and presentation skills and the ability to conduct research.
  • Access and utilize technology to achieve the overall goals of the Social Studies Program.


U.S. History II - Grade 10
Contemporary World Cultures - Grade 11
AP Modern History
Challenges in Democracy - Grade 12
AP Government
Criminal Justice