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Marine Services

Students in Marine Services develop the skills necessary to repair and maintain oceangoing pleasure crafts. All aspects of vessel repair are covered with an emphasis on engine mechanical repair, DC electrical circuitry and computer diagnostics. Instruction involves extensive hands-on projects in a group setting, enhanced with demonstration and traditional theory courses. Modern diagnostic procedures are performed using industry service literature and the most technologically advanced equipment available. There is a strong emphasis on academic skills such as mathematics, general science, written analysis, and verbal communication skills. This is a four year program with the potential for industry related job placement or post secondary education at a technical college.

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$44,080/year, $21.19/hr

Starting Salary

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  • OSHA
Skills Taught
  • Engine mechanical repair
  • DC electrical circuitry
  • computer diagnostics

  • OSHA

Michael Ryder

Marine Services Instructor
ext. 2332

Alex Riker

Marine Services Instructor
ext. 2432